Our plans

Always good value, no matter your size.

Our starter plan is great to get you going and then we scale our offering with your success.


The essentials to get you started selling your products.


  • 10 Unique Logins per month
  • 1 Customer Portal
  • 20MB file space
  • $1 for every additional unique login



A great plan for successful digital product sellers.


  • 100 Unique Logins per month
  • 2 Customer Portals
  • 100MB file space
  • $0.10 for every additional unique login


Your products are flying off the shelf. Keep it up!


  • 1000 Unique Logins per month
  • 5 Customer Portals
  • 250MB file space
  • $0.05 for every additional unique login

Included in all plans

  • Use your own domain
  • Unlimited checkout widgets
  • No Boathouse branding
  • Direct support from the founder
  • Free onboarding for Paddle
  • Free onboarding for Boathouse

Frequently asked questions

What exactly is a unique login?
If the same email address purchases multiple products or logs in to your portal multiple times they are counted as 1 unique customer login for that month. Basically unique logins means how many different email addresses Boathouse processed per month regardless of whether it was a purchase or an existing customer downloading a product.
What are Checkout widgets?
It's the easiest way to integrate a Paddle checkout into your website. We offer simple buy buttons, advanced license selectors but widgets to help you display localized prices.
What is the file space used for?
Boathouse provides you with a secure file storage area for your customers to access their files. This is a secure area that only your customers can access. You can upload files to this area and they will be available to your customers.
Can I test with the Paddle Sandbox?
Yes, that's what we recommend. Everything there works just as it would in the production environment and it's much easier to pass Paddle validation this way.
Is my customer and payment data secure?
Yes, payment data never touches our servers, that's all safely stored with Paddle. We don't store any of your customer data but instead load it from Paddle. Not only does that make it secure, but it also always reflects exactly the state in Paddle.

Free onboarding service

Alex Duggleby the Paddle expert

You bring your product and website and I will help you setup Paddle™ and Boathouse.

Get direct face to face help from Alex the creator of Boathouse and Paddle™ seller since 2019.