Simplify selling and delivery of your
Paddle powered digital products

Boathouse helps you sell digital products from your own website and handles delivery when using Paddle payments.

Limited time offer: if you're just getting started selling products, an expert will guide you through the details of setting up Paddle and Boathouse for free.

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Power-ups for Paddle™ sellers

What is Boathouse?

Boathouse is an add-on service for Paddle™ that takes care of delivering your products to your customers after they have purchased them through Paddle. We handle the fulfillment, Paddle handles the finances.

Authenticated Download Portal
to let customers download their purchases securely using your brand colors and on your own domain.
Secure fulfillment
that integrates with Paddle and automatically sends your customers their download links and license keys after purchase.
Widgets for selling
make it really simple to add buy buttons, sell different license types of the same product or just add localized pricing to your website.
Screenshots of two different Boathouse portals

Power tools for digital product sellers

Who is Boathouse for?

Made for sellers of digital products that choose Paddle as their payment provider.

If you're a designer selling templates, fonts or brushes
you want to sell your products from your own website that you spent so much time on designing. Boathouse takes care of the technical nitty gritty of selling and delivering digital assets online.
If you're a developer selling software,
you want to make customers always have access to the newest versions but only if they have actually purchased your software. Boathouse takes care of authenticating every customer before they can download it.
Boathouse is for digital product sellers

Extend any website with a digital store

Why choose Boathouse?

You've chosen to use Paddle payments but would like a more custom delivery experience.

Branding and your own domain make our portals look like the extensions of your website that they are.

Less customer support because customers find all the products they have ever purchased and the invoices in one spot.

Design your shop the way you want without getting caught up in complicated technical documentation. A simple widget builder creates a buy button, a license selector or adds the price of your product in the local currency to your website.

Set it and forget it. Once it's up and running we do the job you came to us for without getting in your way.

Screenshots of two different Boathouse portals

Free onboarding service

Alex Duggleby the Paddle expert

You bring your product and website and I will help you setup Paddle™ and Boathouse.

Get direct face to face help from Alex the creator of Boathouse and Paddle™ seller since 2019.